Day 6 – Pidurangala rock in Sigiriya

Pidurangala rock is cheaper and less touristy alternative to the expensive main attraction – Sigiriya rock. It comes with a fantastic view of Sigiriya rock – a highly recommended off the beaten track site!

Fantastic view of Sigiriya rock taken from Pidurangala rock!

We wake a little late, and have a call from hotel reception reminding us that breakfast is only available until 9:30am. We hurry to get ready (at around 8:50am) so that we can get some food… we are somewhat underwhelmed by the breakfast buffet on offer, in fact we struggle to find anything that we are willing to eat. We look forward to our next hotel!

With a local ‘guide’ on our hike to Pidurangala rock

A short (30 min or so) bus ride to Sigiriya centre, and a tuk-tuk takes us to Pidurangala rock – we discovered from various sources that this is a good alternative to the main Sigiriya rock which offers a comparable experience for a lot less money (at $6.50 [1000Rs] for Pidurangala vs ~$30 Sigiriya). We pick up a guide for a reasonable price (~$2.50 [300Rs]) after hearing stories about the route not being so clear, and cobras… This seemed to work out well for us, he was a nice calm sort of fellow, not in a rush, and happy to show us interesting things along the way such as leaves from a lemon tree, cobra skins, a huge bees nest, and the various religious historical parts.

Sleeping Buddha on the trail to Pidurangala rock.

When we reached the top we had beautiful clear views all round, including a nice view of nearby (1km) Sigiriya rock. Our route was definitely the path less travelled, and so we had all this to enjoy for ourselves. Overall an interesting experience and our most enjoyable walk yet. We had a nice wander back to a river alongside a nice road with trees.

Rewarding view from Pidurangala rock

Rewarding view from Pidurangala rock

We have a quick lunch back at our hotel – trying some local food (Sri Lankan curry, with various parts), since this was all that was available that wouldn’t take a long time to cook apparently.

We catch a tuk-tuk, then a bus to Kandy – a long journey. Our tuk-tuk driver in Kandy isn’t entirely sure where “36 Bed & Breakfast” is, but with a pointer from other drivers and locals along the way and a winding drive up the side of the hill we arrive and are delighted with our accommodation. Large rooms, well presented with great views of Kandy!

View of Kandy from our hotel room

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