What would we change?

There are only a couple of tweaks that we would do to our Sri Lanka vacation itinerary (especially if we had more spare time!):

1) Negombo instead of Colombo

We would completely skip Colombo and instead visit Negombo – which is also more convenient due to closer airport proximity. When I was in Colombo I hardly saw any tourists and as a solo female I didn’t feel too comfortable (I was there for a day alone before Rich arrived). There are few sights to see. If you have been in any Asian country before, there isn’t too much to impress here. I met other tourists who had visited Colombo just for a few hour trip from Negombo. Like us, they also considered Negombo to be a far nicer place to walk about and enjoy the sunset. They didn’t find much to like in Colombo either.

2) More time around Ella

If we had more days to spare we would definitely spend a few more days exploring the area around Ella. Hiking Ella rock was one of the activities we enjoyed the most on our vacation in Sri Lanka. While we were on the bus from Ella to Tangalle we saw amazing views and waterfalls and we regretted that we didn’t spend more time exploring these beautiful surroundings.

3) Hike to Adam’s Peak

Since we love spending our vacation in an active way we would love to have hiked Adam’s Peak. Unfortunately when we visited, it was the wrong time of the year to hike the peak. The best time to climb is December till May. At this time the route up is illuminated with lights, with pilgrims and tourists hiking at night so see the sunrise on top. We were in Sri Lanka at the end of June so the weather wasn’t suitable and the route wasn’t lit to help with an ascent in darkness.

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